Twitter confirms how the hack went – now all employees must be further trained

On July 15, a number of Twitter accounts belonging to big companies and world celebrities such as Bill Gates and Barack Obama were hacked in a coordinated campaign to attract naive Twitter users to send money via Bitcoin.

Over the weekend the company published an update about the hack and confirms previous information about how it happened. The hackers manipulated a number of Twitter employees with access to internal support systems to disclose information that was sufficient to enter these systems.

Hackers use these tools to access 130 accounts. For 45 of these, they managed to change settings and get password changes that gave them full access to the accounts. In addition to publishing calls to send bitcoin, hackers are said to have tried to sell some of the accounts.

Twitter has also discovered that the hackers use the tool “Your Twitter Data” to download all account information for eight of the affected accounts. It is about account activity, address, telephone number and more. Oddly enough, all eight regular users’ accounts were unverified.

In order not to risk new attacks of the same kind, Twitter has chosen not to go into more detail on how the hackers went about it, but writes that it hopes to be able to share more in the future.

In addition to continuing to investigate the incident and helping the police get hold of the hackers, Twitter will now give the entire force increased training in not falling for social manipulation of this kind.

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