Ubisoft shuts down multiplayer on several old games

Ubisoft is known for keeping their games alive for a long time, but now we have a list of several old games that multiplayer will be shut down.

Maybe not too many people play games that were released on Xbox 360 or PS3, games that are over ten years old may not have the most popular multiplayer mode.

The games that Ubisoft chooses to shut down the servers on many games but June 1 the following that shuts down:

PlatformGameEffective Date
PCAssassin’s Creed 2June 1st 2021
PCPrince of Persia: Forgotten SandsJune 1st 2021
PCFar Cry 2June 1st 2021
PCAnno 1404June 1st 2021
PCMight & Magic – Clash of HeroesJune 1st 2021
PCSplinter Cell ConvictionJune 1st 2021
PCThe Settlers 7June 1st 2021
PCMight & Magic X – LegacyJune 1st 2021
PC / X360 / PS3Ghost Recon Future Soldier2021
PC / PS2 / XB / GCRainbow Six Lockdown2021
PC / X360 / PS3 / XB1Rainbow Six Vegas 22021
PC / X360 / PS3 / PSPRainbow Six Vegas2021

But the list is much longer than that, if you want to read the whole list, the easiest way to do it Ubisoft’s own forums. Many games that are shut down but at the same time understandable. The games that have single player mode will of course still work.