Ubisoft talks about the future of Rainbow Six: Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege was released almost six years ago and has rolled on diligently among all the server halls in the world. Countless walls have been torn down and demolished in the fight between special forces and terrorists.

Recently, Ubisoft and the development team organized a kind of digital press conference where they presented their plans for the game. In the so-called Year 6 package, they have thrown in tons of new, fresh material to keep the fans interested.

Among other things, the team promises new maps, a new super weapon, updated scoring lists but also a behavior system that adapts the reception to your behavior. Players who behave badly can, for example, expect to get more denied access to coveted playlists.

In addition to the massive package, Ubisoft further sugars its creation with an add-on package: Crimson Heist. In this universe, the player assumes the role of Flores, an operator whose mission is to steal things through an… explosive handle. Expect to blow things up. More information about Crimson Heist arriving later in the spring.