Ultimate Domain – The Hunt for the Lost Games, Part 3

Ultimate Domain is a forgotten strategy gem about runny nose and inbreeding.

The list of inaccessible, lost and forgotten games is constantly getting longer. There is nothing strange about that, really. But it is still a shame. Therefore, we have decided to go out and search for the games that got lost in time. We call the article series “The Hunt for the Lost Games”, and this time we will take a look at a washable forgotten gem – Ultimate Domain.

So far, we have looked at games that have certainly been interesting and entertaining, but perhaps not very good in the traditional sense (especially not that quirky Aliensgame). Ultimate Domain is, however, something completely different. A slow, thoughtful strategy game that doesn’t really look like anything else. It is strange that no more games have borrowed the best ideas from Ultimate Domain (or Genesis, as it was also called). It was certainly not a success at all when it was released, and even though I like the game, I can understand it. This is a rather narrow game that unfolds at an extremely leisurely pace. The game’s overall goal is also somewhat vague, and endgame in particular is much weaker than the structure of it – but the game actually has that in common with very many other, much more successful strategy games. Another problem was that both the graphics and the user interface were primitive already when it was released in 1994.

But for those who pass by Ultimate Domains quite obvious limitations, then awaits a fascinating little strategy game that is more about taking care of a small population than about warfare or grandiose empire buildings. You start with just four inhabitants. It is not so much the beginning of a nation, as a prescription for inbreeding-related diseases in the future. But now it’s the way it is, so all you can do is make the best of the situation and try to avoid thinking too much about any future cousin marriages.

The end goal is also something you do best in thinking too much about. The game is about collecting seven crystals that are hidden here and everywhere in the world. However, it takes a long time before you have enough resources and inhabitants to embark on some voyages of discovery. Before that, you have to deal with the passage of the seasons, and with deaths in the population that in the beginning hit very hard when there is such a shortage of labor.

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