Undefeated NiP secures Major place – CS: GO

With PGL Major Stockholm 2021 approaching, players must perform at the top to advance to this year’s biggest tournament. The past week has been packed with top matches where you could see the Swedish derby between Ninjas in Pajamas and Fnatic.

For the various Swedish teams, there have been mixed successes where the Swedish ninjas top the position and have already secured their place after winning 5 of 5 group games.

Fnatic on the other hand had a tough week where they went 0-5 in matches and failed to qualify for the Major tournament. The legendary team has recently gone from an all-Swedish team line-up to international, with three Swedish players and two British. This will be the second straight major tournament where the orange-black team is not included, after they failed to qualify for the major 2019 in Berlin.

For the Swedish player Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer, with his team Faze, everything is in the hands of others. They need to bring with them the right results from the playoffs that start today to have enough points collected to advance. Their fate will either be decided tomorrow, Friday, or at the latest on Sunday.