Up to 64 bots to fill the servers on next-gen

The video game industry is made like this: with each change of generation, editors compete in inventiveness to convince players of the need to change machines, history of push the boundaries like never. Never hesitating, the Electronic Arts glove recently recalled it with the very number Battlefield 2042.

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Indeed, the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the war game according to DICE will offer for the first time to see two teams of 64 players compete for victory., in inevitably spades matches. But those who are accustomed to online gaming know it all too well: to promise the chaos of a full-blown confrontation is one thing, to ensure the filling of its servers is certainly another.

Connect, reconnect they said

The double size of 128 player battles will therefore only concern players at the cutting edge of technology, a challenge for the hour or next-gen consoles and other poofish graphics cards continue to be scarce, and to see their stocks vanish in the dark. within a few seconds.

Thus, in order not to hang around the players ready to go to the front more than reason, The American glove had already assured that they could count on good old bots, just to quickly be able to reach the regulatory quorum.

What we did not yet know, however, is the number of AIs who could come and fill the gaps, information just obtained by our colleagues from The Verge. Hold on tight: up to 64 bots will thus be able to fill in the gaps during online matches, and it is not currently planned to let players choose to reduce this gauge, even if it means waiting longer before killing each other.

It will unfortunately be necessary to be satisfied with this single information figure, Electronic Arts not having yet specified the behavior of the bots which will accompany the players, but still wishes to specify that the humans will have all the same the priority. The revolution of machines would therefore not be immediately …

Recall that if the aesthtes embourgeoiss will indeed be able to compete with up to 128 players, the soldiers stuck on PS4 and Xbox will have to be satisfied with skirmishes capped at 64 fighters … including 32 bots? History does not say it yet.

Battlefield 2042 will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X | S on October 22, 2021.