Urbaninsta has released two new headphones

Urbaninsta Lisbon

Urbaninsta continues to come up with new headphones and now it’s time for two new products, a pair of very small and a pair where we recognize the design.

One of the news from Urbaninsta is Lisbon which is a pair of really small headphones, weighing only 4 grams and really hiding in the ear. Despite its minimum size, Urbaninsta has managed to get nine hours of playing time and another 18 hours in the case.

Urbaninsta Lisbon will be offered in five different colors and has the low price tag of SEK 499.

The second news is Seoul which this time has been created for gamers according to Urbaninsta. We recognize the design from other headphones in this class. One function that makes them for gamers is because Urbaninsta has reduced the latency to 70 ms and has a sound image that is better adapted to games.

Seoul has a battery life of eight hours, but on the other hand, the case lasts another 24 hours, is available in four different colors and the price tag is SEK 899.