Urbanista’s new headphones can do without charging

Urbaninsta continues to release new headphones, but this time they are a little more unique, you do not have to charge them.

Avoiding charging your headphones sounds a bit like a dream and maybe can Urbanista have made this possible, this thanks to Powerfoyle material from the company Exegers which will make it possible to charge their headphones with the help of the sun.

It should therefore be enough to put these headphones in the sun to recharge them, one hour in the sun should, according to Urbanista, give two hours of playing time. But it does not only have to be sun but also from a certain light source, or if you are sitting in the office and have a sunspot on your desk, you can put your headphones there to charge.

This is clearly the next step when it comes to charging our stuff, but the question of whether it really works as well in reality as in theory. But in addition to not having to charge these headphones, they are also equipped with active noise reduction so you can set in slightly different modes.

We do not know when Urbanista Powerfoyle will be released, but the price tag is SEK 1,999.

Urbanista Powerfoyle Urbanista Powerfoyle Urbanista Powerfoyle