US report: Iphone slower than many Android mobiles at 5g

Last fall, Apple released its first Iphone models with 5g, and now has Opensignal released its first report on download speeds in the US that includes the Iphone 12 family.

At the top of the list we find the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G with an average of 56 Mbps download speed. Second and third were TCL Revvl 5G and Oneplus 8T Plus with just under 50 Mbps. Then follows a long line of phones from Samsung and other manufacturers before the Iphone 12 Pro and Pro Max with 36.9 and 36.2 Mbps respectively.

Iphone 12 and 12 Mini are even slower – 29.6 and 32.9 Mbps respectively according to Opensignal’s data.

Compared to the Iphone 11, however, the Iphone 12 family is significantly faster. With 5g, the iPhone is 130 percent faster than with 4g, while the difference is significantly smaller for Android models. According to Opensignal, this is because Apple used Intel’s 4g modem instead of Qualcomm. Samsung is in the third generation of mobiles with 5g while Apple is only on the first, and the company is developing its own antennas, which can also affect speed and reception.

Opensignal collects speed reports from users and it is not clear whether the statistics take into account geographical spread, ie whether some phones are more common in areas with better or worse 5g coverage. Previous data from showed similar speeds for the various Iphone 12 models, with measured speeds of up to 472 Mbps downstream and 49 Mbps upstream in Seoul.