Users report screens bursting on M1 Macs

New Macbook Air and Macbook Pro 13 inch with M1 processor are new on the inside but on the outside they look the same from before. Despite that, reports now 9 to 5 Mac that users of the new models have been hit by a new problem.

Several users have in fact had the screen in the computer inexplicably and all of a sudden cracked. Reports have been shared on Apple’s support forums and Reddit, among others. Several write that they have shut down the computer to go and do something else, and when they came back and opened it, the screen was cracked.

At least one person saw the cracks appear. She was going to adjust the screen angle when she sat and watched Netflix when the screen went black as if in an area to the left with bright lines.

Some users have been told by Apple support that they are responsible and that the damage is not covered by the warranty, while others have quickly received a replacement machine. The EU Consumer Protection Act states that manufacturers must prove that damage is the customer’s fault if it occurs within six months of purchase, which is likely to be difficult if the computer has no other obvious damage in addition to the cracked screen.

Among the speculations about what may be behind the seemingly fragile screens, there are two main theories, writes 9 to 5 Mac: Either that the screen can crack from hitting much smaller objects than before, such as tiny bread crumbs, or that the chassis is too weak to protect the screen even at normal torque such as when you close the screen from one corner and not in the middle.