Valheim: Great success for the Swedish Viking lyre

The new Viking game Valheim is going well. The game, which is developed by Swedish Iron Gate Studio and released by Swedish Coffee Stain Studios, was released in Early Access on February 2 and has already managed to sell over a million copies during its first week.

On February 7, Valheim was also the fourth most played game on Steam with over 130,000 concurrent players. Even before giant titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Rocket League.

The game for 1-10 players takes place in a procedurally generated Viking world that you explore and try to survive in. Iron Gates CEO and Valheim’s original creator, Richard Svensson, believes that the game’s rapid success may be due to the prevailing pandemic.

“Valheim is a collaborative game about exploring a large colorful world with few borders released during a global pandemic when many are trapped and unable to meet friends and family. Hopefully the opportunity to be killed by a troll together can make them feel a little better.” says Richard Svensson in a press release.

Iron Gate Studios promises that Valheim’s future will be full of updates with new content and improvements to the game mechanics as the game approaches its first fully finished version.

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