Valve is rumored to be working on a laptop console

Valve does not seem to be finished with hardware as it has started to be rumored that they have a laptop console running, similar to Switch but with PC games.

Valve has gone for VR headsets and it has probably gone that way anyway, but Valve does not seem to be done with hardware and now it has started to be rumored that Valve is working on a laptop console that will of course run on Steam.

This does not sound impossible or stupid considering how well Switch sells, a portable console that today sells better than any other console on the market.

The information comes from Arstechnica which is said to have been confirmed from several quarters that Valve works on this type of console and will be able to handle a lot of PC games when the time comes. But at the moment it can also be about prototypes or something that Valve has ever worked on but put down, we simply get to see these rumors true.

And should they be right, we can expect to see this laptop console before the end of the year, Gabe Newell himself who is CEO of Valve said that they have something going on and we will get a better understanding at the end of the year.