Vault of Glass will open soon

Season of the Splicer has just begun its second week in Destiny 2. This season, we not only get equipment that looks good, delicate synthwave in both audible and visual brilliance. We also get to take part in old greats in the form of the game series’ first raid – Vault of Glass come back. In a few days, specifically on Saturday, we will relive one of the best raiders the Destiny series has seen. The raid comes with both boats Contest Mode and World First, which allows players to compete for the prestigious first place. However, it is not enough to just manage the raid. There will also be triumphs that must be managed in order to be able to really flex.

  • Vault of Glass comes with Contest Mode available for 24 hours.
    • Players must have a power level of at least 1300 to be able to challenge Vex in the vault.
  • Completing Vault of Glass with Contest Mode actively is the first step to accessing Challenge Mode from the map, as well as the triumph Tempo’s Edge.
  • To make it a little more fun, Challenge Mode makes your fireteam wipe if you fail with the goal.

Bungie also has rewards on the website for those who succeed in these triumphs.

If you want to take part in the raid race, you can surf in ProfessorBroman’s Destiny Raid Day Tailgate, which starts one hour before the raid is released. Broman and Reck will comment and analyze the race for the title “World First” when the gate to Vault of Glass opens for the first time in several years.