Verse 3: Fitbit’s affordable smartwatch in new version

Now Fitbit has unveiled its three upcoming wearables for the autumn and as expected, the Versa 3, the third generation of their popular smartwatch, was one of them.

The design and price range are recognizable from before, with a square look and a recommended price of SEK 2,499. Just like before, we get up to 6 days of battery life and a water resistance down to 50 meters.

Fitbit Versa 3

On the inside, the Versa 3 seems to be only a marginal upgrade over its predecessor. The biggest news is that we finally have a built-in GPS, which means that Versa 3 keeps track of your running lap even if you do not have your mobile with you. In the app you can see what speed you were moving at and when the intensity was at its highest.

With Charge 4, which was launched this spring, Fitbit introduced its Active Zone Minutes, a way to keep track of when the user is doing something that makes the heart pump a little extra. This is of course also found in Versa 3, and also the upcoming activity bracelet Inspire 2 which has also been revealed now.

Fitbit Versa 3

Verse 2 had support for Amazon Alexa, and in the sequel, Fitbit has now also included Google Assistant in selected regions. Android users can answer the phone and send text messages using voice control.

Whether Versa 3 is worth upgrading to when it is released on September 25 remains to be seen. Keep an eye on for an upcoming test of the smartwatch and the rest of Fitbit’s new products!