Version 2.0 and the Inazuma region announced in video

The Chinese free-to-play action-RPG that the plant craves continues to evolve. But the next major step, eagerly awaited by the players, is now. Or rather before the end of the month.

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Genshin Impact version 2.0, dubbed “Merciless Divinity and Eternal Euthymia” will be available on July 21. The heart of this update will be a new city: Inazuma, which you can discover thanks to the trailer but also the screenshots from our gallery. This region is made up of six major ones and some smaller ones, all with different characteristics.

Visit the Narukami Shrine on the mountain of the island of the same name, or go admire the cherry blossoms and Tenshukaku, the huge residence of Shogun Raiden in Inazuma town; or discover the immense skeleton and palpable remnants of the evil of Yashiori Island where the Shogun Raiden once fought the glove serpent. Cross the desolate coast where the Tatarasuna war ruins lie, get lost in the land constantly plagued by thunderstorms, or explore immense subterranean areas and discover the mysterious relics that lurk underground.

Of course, new Arcons quests will be available, but also and above all new companions, which MiHoYo was kind enough to present.

  • Kamisato Ayaka is a long-awaited character, one that many fans have known from closed beta testing. Ayaka is the daughter of Clan Kamisato, one of the three families ruling over Inazuma under the supervision of the Shogun Raiden and in charge of the Cultural Commission. Ayaka, who wields the Cryo element and the sword, is often seen as an honorable, elegant person, as wise as he is resilient. But like all young girls her age, she also has her own problems.
  • Yoimiya is the other 5 ★ character who joins version 2.0. Known as the Queen of the Summer Festival, Yoimiya is a fireworks expert Pyro archer who excels in making them the image of hopes and dreams.
  • The last character, Sayu, is a 4 ★ ninja with a divine eye Anmo. Her reduced size does not prevent her from wielding an impressive sword larger than herself.

Note that the developers have also given other good news to PlayStation gamers on the PlayStation Blog. Progress can be shared between all platforms, a list of trophies will be added, and DualSense should be even better exploited on PS5.

Genshin Impact is available on PS5, PS4, iOS, Android, PC, and Nintendo Switch.