Viaplay becomes more expensive – new price SEK 129

If you are considering subscribing to Viaplay Film & Serier, we can announce that the price has now been increased from 109 to SEK 129 per month. You who already have a subscription to the service, in turn, will have to pay the higher price from the next payment period.

According to Viaplay, the price is being raised to be able to further develop the service, which includes more original productions, films, TV series and children’s programs.

Another recent change concerns Viaplay’s sports package. Previously, just one was offered, which also included TV series, for SEK 399 a month. This can no longer be subscribed to at Viaplay at all, but customers are referred to the all-in-one solution Viaplay Total for SEK 449 a month.

In an email to M3, Viaplay states that the interest in sports only was too low, which is why they no longer offer such a package.

– We are now harmonized in the Nordic region, as we have not had a sports package in both Norway and Finland for a long time. We keep the sports package for our existing customers, Viaplay writes in its response to us.

Expressen could, however, tell yesterday that some long-term sports package customers were hit by a price shock in connection with the restructuring. These are customers who for a long time only paid SEK 199 a month for the sports offer, an offer that will end in the spring. In a comment to the newspaper, Viaplay states that this particular change is made for reasons of fairness to customers who pay more.

In this context, it can be mentioned that there is also an advertising-financed free version of the service called Viafree. Here, however, the supply is much more limited.