Vivaldi CEO to furious attack on Microsoft’s Edge methods

The browser Vivaldi’s CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, accuses Microsoft in a new blog posts to engage in anti-competitive behavior regarding its Edge browser.

Jon von Tetzchner writes that if you have a new Windows computer, Edge opens and searches on Bing to download Vivaldi, and at the top of the search you will find an ad from Microsoft that says “You do not need to download a new browser” with a prompt to use Edge instead.

If you download and install Vivaldi, it’s still difficult to turn it into the default browser for Windows 11 that continues to prompt the user to stick to Edge.

If you make Vivaldi the default browser and start up Edge, you will be prompted to run with “recommended browser settings”, which is to make Edge the default browser.

“Microsoft’s methods seem desperate. And familiar. It’s clear they do not want you to use other browsers. They offer to pay you to use their browsers through their Microsoft Rewards program. This is not a confident company that has developed a better browser. “It’s a company that openly abuses its position to give users a worse product because they can. Do not pass go, do not collect $ 200. Can you say monopoly?” writes Jon von Tetzchner.

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