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Warner Bros (Harry Potter, Batman) bought by Sony or Microsoft?

Warner Bros (Harry Potter, Batman) bought by Sony or Microsoft?

It just fell, Warner Bros and its strong licenses could be bought by big names in video games, including Sony and Microsoft. But the suitors are numerous and the competition could be fierce.

What if the next Batman, DC Comics or Harry Potter games became PS5 or Xbox Series X exclusives? With the madness of redemptions, this possibility could not be ruled out. New rumors suggest Warner Bros licenses may be up for sale.

Warner Bros bought by Sony or Microsoft?

What if Sony or Microsoft bought Warner Bros? While FromSoftware’s name has been on everyone’s lips for some time when talking about game acquisition, another juggernaut could be swallowed up by industry giants. The journalist Imran Khan fuels new rumors by evoking a potential takeover of the gaming branch of Warner Bros.

A division that has a juicy catalog with flagship licenses like Batman Arkham, Hogwarts Legacy, Wonder Woman, Gotham Knights, Injustice or even Suicide Squad. Beautiful assets to convince potential buyers and that’s good, it would be inclined to a buyout. According to information from the journalist, a few big names have already shown interest. The most obvious: Sony and Microsoft who are engaged in a small cold war of studio acquisitions. However others would be on the spot, like Electronic Arts, Take-Two, Tencent, NetEase and even… PUBG Corp.

Strong licenses in play

The contours around such a takeover are blurred and several options are emerging. Warner Bros. could just as easily keep a few strong licenses and studios for itself, divide them up and refourach them to diff