Watch live broadcast on Outrider’s character classes, forces and environments

People Can Fly, the studio behind the action juggler Bulletstorm and classic Painkiller, which also helped Epic with both Fortnite as Gears of War, announced its upcoming Pangpang game at E3 last year and now it’s time for a deep dive into Outriders through the first of several scheduled developer broadcasts.

Tonight, starting at 6pm, they offer the following:

Broadcast 1, titled ‘Built for the Core’ features brand-new gameplay, new areas, never before seen powers, character class deep dives, development updates straight from the team, and more.

As the teaser clearly explains, the broadcast can be watched both Twitch and Youtube, so you simply have to choose your favorite platform. And speaking of favorites, isn’t the stake gun from Painkiller one of the funniest weapons of all time?

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