Watch OS 7 – the news in Apple’s new operating system

IOS 14, Ipad OS 14, Mac OS 10.16, and of course the Apple Watch operating system Watch OS 7. All are expected to be updated at Apple’s upcoming WWDC show. Sometimes the Watch Olympics fall into the cloud behind their bigger “siblings”, but Apple Watch is undoubtedly a great success for Apple. That’s why we wish for some important updates to Apple’s next version of Watch OS. Here are the seven most important.

sleep Tracking

Is it finally time for this long-awaited feature? Some rumors argue for it. Third-party apps are already available for those who want to keep track of the number of hours of sleep, sleep quality, depth of sleep and so on, but Apple has long been expected to make its own version of this. Maybe that feature will end in Watch OS 7.

Better battery life

Of course, better battery life is obviously about better hardware, but some can also be done with more efficient software. And better battery life will certainly be needed if Apple is to dare to market sleep tracking in Watch OS 7. This is a function where the user is expected to wear his smart watch in principle around the clock, and then good battery life is needed.

Rumors have also surfaced that Watch OS 7 may remind the user to charge a moment before bedtime for the watch to last all night. A good news in that case, but the best part is of course better battery life.

Automatic replacement of watch boards

Almost every year, Apple has added new types of dials to suit different people’s needs and tastes. In Watch OS 7, we hope that the replacement of the watch boards can be done smarter. On the one hand, the exchange could take place based on the situation. When visiting a gym, a watch board that is more adapted for exercise can be automatically created. On the one hand, an automatic changeover could take place based on time.

When everyday goes to weekend, the everyday clock can be turned into a weekend clock, with a more stripped down clock with less information and fewer complications. A weekday clock, weekend clock and exercise clock in one, and the exchange between them takes place automatically – we think smart!

Improved always-on screen

The Always On screen that came with the Apple Watch Series 5 works top in the workout app and with dials. It’s good to be able to just snail on the arm during the workout instead of raising the whole arm – in some workouts it’s not even possible.

7 news we want to see in Watch OS 7

In the third-party apps, it’s worse. As soon as a third-party app is active, only a simple digital clock is displayed in the always on mode. It is not at all very helpful and looks the same no matter what app is used.

There must be a better way to do this. One way might be to let developers make their own always-on screen, and thus choose which features to display in always-on mode. But sure, it’s hard to see it happen. Apple doesn’t allow third-party watches, so why would third-party always-on screens be allowed?

But it can be better anyway, no doubt. The smallest thing Apple can do is develop more, better always on-screens for more of its own apps, for example for the apps timer and stopwatch.

Notes on the clock

Sure, the small Apple Watch screen is nothing to read long novels on, nor is it particularly useful for text input. With that said, we still want to see the Notes app for Apple Watch as well.

To take a look at a shopping list, check out a remember list or even dictate a quick note, this app could undoubtedly be useful on Apple Watch.

Last year, the Watch OS was gifted with the Apple App Calculator for the first time, but in our eyes an Notes on Apple Watch is even more necessary.

Greater focus on mental health

For several years now, Apple Watch has been emphasizing health features more and more. But health means more than exercise and movement. Here’s a part for Apple to do when it comes to mental health as well.

There is an app on the watch for a breathing exercise, but why not also guided meditation exercises, or a way to estimate stress or anxiety levels directly from the watch. There are no doubt things to grab here.

There is nothing wrong with resting

Opportunity for recovery is important for health, whether it is physical exercise or mental exercise. But when it comes to Apple Watch movement goals, the setting is pretty rigid. It is not possible to add a day of rest to the training goals, so anyone who has a cold one day may well break their training streak, or defy their cold. The latter is hardly advisable.

A day of rest from the training goals would come in handy here.

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