Watch out for fake e-retailers ahead of Black Friday

A new survey conducted by the IT security company Mimecast shows that the number of fake online stores has increased sharply in recent weeks. This is due to fraudsters who try to steal payment information from people who are on a bargain hunt during the Black Friday sale on November 27.

Between October 26 and November 11, ten suspicious websites have been opened in Sweden that imitate two of the largest electronics chains. Globally, a total of 13,924 suspicious websites were added during the same period, imitating 20 of the world’s largest retail chains.

The websites are similar to their models and try to attract visitors with extremely good “offers” that often apply to a limited number of products or for short periods of time to pressure visitors to act quickly and not think.

Mimecast advises Black Friday shoppers to avoid being scammed by taking several precautions.

To search for offers yourself instead of clicking directly on links via, for example, social media. To observe strange spelling mistakes, strange English words or strange price amounts and to take it easy if an offer tries to make you act fast.

Finally, Mimecast warns people to watch out for newsletters with offers. Never open attachments in these or click on links. Instead, visit a site manually to check out an offer.

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