Wattam has been released for Steam, sold for half the price

In September 2019, we became acquainted with Wattam, the wayward work of Katamari Damacycreator Keita Takahashi. The game was released exclusively via Epic Games Store on December 17 last year, almost exactly one year ago. And you probably know what that means – Wattam has arrived at Steam!

In addition, sold Wattam for half price, both via Steam and Epic Games Store, until January 5 and 7, respectively. The user review on Steam is initially written as “positive” based on 43 reviews, and despite that Wattam is a year old and that I saw some videos about it last year, I still do not really know what it is about, beyond that it is a game about “the joy of friendship and discovery”. And maybe that’s enough?

Here is a new trailer for the Steam release of Wattam.