WayForward gives us more news

Wayforward has announced several news via their Facebook today. The first and biggest of them is that the first game in Shantaeseries makes a comeback. This is in the form of a reproduction cassette that will be sold via Limited Run Games in September this year. Added to this is a physical and digital release of the game for Nintendo Switch.

Xtreme Sports, one of WayForward’s own creations from the Game Boy Color era, is also emerging. Again, this is a physical reproduction cassette via Limited Run Games as well as a physical release to Switch via the same. Of course, it is also released digitally.

Metroid-Vania game The Mummy Demastered gets a physical release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. These will be pre-ordered via Limited Run Games from July 31.

Limited Run Games will also produce a physical edition of Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, the second part of the series, for the Nintendo Switch. The game is also released digitally on the platform as well as on the Xbox One. It’s the Director’s Cut edition (the one available on PlayStation 4 and Steam) in all cases.

In the midst of all the turmoil, the news also crept in for more River City Girls available on the wallpaper set. What it includes, however, is in the stars. It’s important for fans to keep an eye on WF’s channels (Facebook and Twitter, for example).

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