We check out the eastern state shooter Hrot

Here at Spelrum, we do not just write texts about games. We also talk about games in pod form, streams games on Twitch, and sometimes we even make small youtube clips about interesting games of various kinds. Like now. This is Hrot – an eastern state fps that takes place in former, communist-ruled Czechoslovakia.

Or rather an alternative version of the Eastern Bloc. After a catastrophe of some kind, chaos and misery prevail. The only thing you can do is pick up the hammer and sickle and hack your way through loads of enemies. Or yes, the best thing is to use the game’s firearms so you do not get so close. The game is developed by a single person, and is already in this early access stage really promising. Classic Quake-scented action with extremely dense atmosphere and fantastic music. Check out the clip below and you will understand what I mean.