We play the promising shooter Severed Steel

In the large crowd of neo-retro-scented shooters lately, so is Severed Steel one of the most promising. So far there is only one demo, with a few short courses from the campaign, and above all a really addictive arcade mode where it is important to get as high points as possible (and preferably play as nicely as possible, of course).

The whole thing is a mix between Superhot, Hotline Miami, Max Payne, Metroid Prime (you have an arm cannon) and all sorts of Hong Kong action. All in a stylized stripped-down, neon-soaked world where you rush on walls, glide under tables and throw yourself through glass panes in slow motion, while shooting every single bastard who is stupid enough to cross your path. Either that, or you mess up and jump with your nose first into a wall and get shot dead.

Feel free to check out our little Youtube video below, and if it looks fun, the demo is free to download on Steam. Then you can with advantage jump into Spelrum’s discord channel and brag about how high points you get in the arcade mode.