We spend more money than ever in app stores

In 2021, Android and iOS users installed only marginally more apps than in 2020 – 143.6 billion apps. But we spent significantly more money on the apps according to statistics from Sensortower.

Apple’s App Store still accounts for almost twice as much sales as Google Play. In total, iOS users bought apps and buy-in-the-app for about SEK 765 billion during the year (up 17.7 percent from 2020), against about SEK 430 billion (23.5 percent increase) among the majority of Android users who goes through the Google Store. (Samsung and Huawei’s stores are not included in Sensortower’s data.)

The ten most lucrative apps during the year were, from top to bottom: Tiktok, Youtube, Piccoma, Tinder, Disney Plus, Google One, Tencent Video, Iqiyi, HBO Max and Line Manga.

Sensortower’s figures show that the effect of the pandemic has begun to abate. This spring, the figures indicated that the average American Iphone user would spend $ 180 a year on the App Store, but spending has not continued to increase at the same rate and the figure instead landed at $ 165 – still an increase from $ 136 in 2020 but thus lower than the forecasts.

Here, it may be worth noting that Sensortower does not include Apple’s revenue from Icloud subscriptions and other services sold outside the App Store, while Google’s equivalent Google One is included in the Play Store figures.

Read the full report here.