Web trackers worried – Apple’s Private Relay could be the end of digital fingerprints

First, Apple and later Google stopped the use of unique ID codes for each mobile phone, and instead introduced an ad identifier that can be reset by the user.

Then Apple started stopping the use of cookies to track users, and most other browser developers have hooked. The introduction of app tracking transparency this spring was the nail in the coffin for tracking between apps, and now the companies that make money from tracking users have only one way left to automatically recognize a user and be able to display customized ads: digital fingerprints.

Now the industry is worried that Apple will stop this as well, with the help of the upcoming function Private Relay which will be part of Icloud Plus this autumn, reports the industry magazine Digiday. The function splits connections to web servers so that the server can not link the retrieval of a particular page to an IP address.

Shumel Lais, CEO of Appsumer, tells Digiday that his company sees Private Relay as a first step towards a future where Apple completely blocks digital fingerprints of all Iphone users.

Since Icloud Plus is a payment service, we can not expect that Private Relay will benefit all Iphone users, and the function only applies to the web, not app traffic. But Apple will hopefully do more to stop tracking that has not been approved by users.