Well, Fall Guy’s season 3 will get penguins

Last week we were half introduced to Fall Guys season 3, when we found out that we will be offered a winter theme and winter costumes. We also got a first glimpse of tiny, tiny penguins, which will possibly be the party royale game’s very first npcs. And now we’ve got more clues!

Via Twitter, we have been introduced to “pegwin”, apparently mechanical penguins that use “wheel feet” to (maybe) run away from the players. We also find out that pegwins “are not pets”, but that they “may appear in the new levels”. Personally, I immediately imagine that they will be used instead of eggs in the law-based egg collector branches, to create more unpredictability in the otherwise all-too-common excavations.

Mediatonic has also introduced us to a new pendulum-like obstacle, and a poll on Twitter suggests right now that it will go by the name “ringus dingus” (45.5%), followed by the other options “slay bell” (25.6% ), “Swingding” (20.8%) and “swinging belle” (7.1%). Voting ends in six days.

We will learn more about the penguins during The Game Awards on December 10th. Here are all the tweets.