WH-1000XM5: This is Sony’s new flagship headphones

There is no doubt that Sony is one of the very best manufacturers of noise-canceling over-ear headphones. Their products in the WH1000X series are usually rewarded with top marks for both good sound quality and effective noise reduction. Now the long-awaited sequel is released WH-1000XM5with news both inside and out.

The design – something we whined about the last time it went – has become more soberly rounded than before and lacks the angularity of its predecessors. Stepless controls combined with “newly developed” leather should provide a more luxurious user experience while relieving the feeling of pressure against the head better than before. The battery life should, as before, be around 30 hours.

The noise reduction should, unsurprisingly, be the WH1000X series’ most effective to date. Two processors take care of a total of eight microphones that should do a particularly good job of noise reduction in medium-high frequency. New software will also better adapt the noise reduction to the sound environment the user is in. The many microphones also promise better call quality.

Early reviews testify to an equally high, or even slightly better, sound quality as always – but obscure the high price tag of just over 5,000 kronor. We hope to publish our own review soon.