What did we google most in 2020?

Now Google has released a summary of what we googled most in 2020 and not entirely unexpectedly, the Pandemic is in first place, but since then?

I find it always interesting to see how we have used Google during the year and this year, perhaps not entirely unexpectedly, Coronavirus is in first place among the “most popular searches”.

But there are more categories than that that have one or two surprises and always a fun list to check through to see how the Swedish people actually use Google for a year.

This year’s most popular searches
1. Coronavirus
2. The US election
3. The Public Health Agency
4. Paolo Roberto
5. Coronavirus Sweden
6. Adam Alsing
7. Joe Biden
8. Kobe Bryant
9. Disney Plus
10. Corona symptoms

News and events
1. Coronavirus
2. The US election
3. Skandiamannen
4. Estonia
6. Beirut
7. Black Lives Matter
8. Guldbron
9. Blackout Tuesday
10. Polar bread

1. Handball European Championships
2. Serie A
3. Michael Jordan
4. Armand Duplantis
5. AC Milan
6. Nations League
7. Vasaloppet
8. Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr
9. J├Ârgen Kruth
10. Jenny Fransson

1. Adam Alsing
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Naya Rivera
4. Sven Wollter
5. Chadwick Boseman
6. Maradona
7. George Floyd
8. Sean Connery
9. Kristina Lugn
10. Max von Sydow

1. Love and Anarchy
2. Among us
3. Valorant
4. Big Brother Sweden
5. Caliphate
6. Tiger King
7. Rebecka Martinsson
8. Top Dog
9. Partisan
10. The murder in Sandhamn

1. Hand alcohol
2. Blueberry pie
3. Sourdough bread
4. Cloudberry jam
5. Keto
6. Banana bread
7. Semlor
8. Minced chicken
9. Risotto
10, Chocolate Chip Cookies

1. What does simp mean?
2. What is coronavirus?
3. What does shurda mean?
4. What is a pandemic?
5. What is turnip in English?
6. How much does a stamp cost?
7. What is a general meeting?
8. What does <3 mean?
9. What does redundancy mean?
10. What is TikTok?

1. Why do we celebrate Sweden’s national day?
2. Why is the coronavirus dangerous?
3. Why do so many people die in Italy?
4. Why do you celebrate Halloween?
5. Why is the Thirteenth Day celebrated?
6. Why do you stutter?
7. Why does Sweden not close schools?
8. Why is it burning in Australia?
9. Why Belarus and not Belarus?
10. Why does everyone buy toilet paper?

1. How many have died of corona in Sweden?
2. How many people are infected with the coronavirus?
3. How is coronavirus transmitted?
4. How long does corona infect?
5. How many states does the United States have?
6. How many people die every day in Sweden?
7. How long are you sick with corona?
8. How dangerous is the coronavirus?
9. How did the coronavirus start?
10. How many people die from the flu each year?