What did you play this week?

It’s FINALLY the weekend, friends hear you or not ?! Joy. Peace. Félicité and all that goes with it … The opportunity to sit quietly at home and take stock of his life and his gamer week. Every Sunday, we are waiting for you here, to remake your gamer life in the comments of Gameblog.fr! It’s crazy, isn’t it? No ? Good ok.

What did you play at? What game did you start or finish this week? Your favorites … rants … How many Achievements unlocked? Trophies gleaned? Downloaded demos? Games purchased? Shattered controllers? Rather solo, network play?

Cool anecdotes, moments of life to share? In short: what did your week under the sign of video games look like?

It’s up to you to tell us, to you to discuss in the comments below, to exchange with passion. Moreover, we will come regularly to tell you what we played on our side.

Because that’s also what the Gameblog community!

See you in the comments … but not only.