Whatsapp: “No, we can not see your messages”

Since Whatsapp last week updated its user agreement, the competitor Signal has climbed all the way to number one on the top list on both the App Store and the Google Play store.

The Facebook-owned company has definitely noticed the user flight, and has now come out with a clarification that neither Whatsapp nor Facebook can read your messages.

In a message on Twitter Whatsapp writes a clarification about what still applies to private content on the service:

  • Whatsapp (and Facebook) can not see private messages or hear calls.
  • Whatsapp does not log who is calling whom.
  • Whatsapp can not see when you share your site with others.
  • Whatsapp does not share your address book with Facebook.
  • Whatsapp groups are private.
  • You can set self-destruct messages.
  • You can download all your data.

Further details can be found in a question section on the company’s website, where it also writes that it “will never weaken” the encryption between users. The new agreement is about merging Facebook’s and WhatsApp’s functions for companies.

For example, companies should be able to start the Whatsapp chat directly from Facebook, and then share data between the two platforms. It should also be possible to send receipts for purchases made in stores on Facebook to a customer’s Whatsapp account.