Which life do you choose? New Cyberpunk 2077 trailer shows life stories

Street Kid, Nomad or Corpo?

With a brief insight into the various prologues for Cyberpunk 2077‘s three lifepaths, it has suddenly become a little harder to decide which to start with. At least for me. In the past, I have leaned quite heavily on Street Kid, but after seeing this trailer, I have suddenly commuted to Corpo.

Lifepath is the first choice you make when creating your character in Cyberpunk 2077. But lifepath is not just the game’s prologue, but colors your entire gaming experience by tailoring selectable response options in dialogs and opening or closing the doors to certain quests. This should give the feeling of a real role play as the choice of lifepath is meant to be meaningful.

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You may have seen one of the fates begin in the wilderness outside of Night City? CD Projekt Red confirms that you will be able to return to the wilderness later in the game, no matter which lifepath you choose. Many missions even lead you out of the city and as it looks, we will be able to run the game’s equivalent of a folk race in the desert! But we must take care not to drive out there too early in the adventure, as the wastelands are dangerous.

Lifepath – three distinct life destinies

We have covered the various lifepaths earlier in our overall article on Cyberpunk 2077, although now we make a more detailed description! Partly because it is so fun to discuss the game, and because we have a little more information to tell.

Street Kid: Growing up on the streets of Night City and living in the suburb of Haywood, life in a gang has been natural for you. As a Street Kid, you know the laws of the jungle, know what the different gangs are, and know the ones you need to talk to to get a “job.” The fixer Padre is a person you as a Street Kid will have contact with, but we will see where this collaboration leads to…

Nomad: As a Nomad, you grew up in a clan, a kind of post-apocalyptic family living in the wilderness. Honor, integrity and loyalty are important attributes among nomads and their family means everything. If you choose to start as a Nomad, you start the game in the wilderness outside of Night City, but need to seek out the city when something happens to your clan. Life will not be easy when you are an outcast, but you know you are righteous.

Corpo: You are a ruthless suit during Arasaka’s employment and live a dangerous life on the career ladder. Those below you want your office and those above you want to keep you down – usually with a fatal outcome. It’s an insidious game you play and you bet high… but fall hard. With your life intact, you begin a new life as a mercenary. You understand other Corpos agendas and can push those you come in contact with. If you are careful.

Which life destiny do you choose? How do you want your V to be? Feel free to tell us!

Lifepath election in Cyberpunk 2077.
Which lifepath do you choose?