Wifi 6E – all about the new wireless standard for networking

1. What is Wifi 6E?

As you probably already know, it is convenient to connect your mobile phone, tablet or computer to a wireless network, which means that you do not have to connect to 4g or 5g networks unnecessarily.

The wireless standard is called Wi-Fi, but for simplicity we have chosen to use the spelling Wifi in this guide.

The current version is called Wifi 6, but now it’s time for the successor Wifi 6E to start rolling out in earnest.

2. What is the difference between Wifi 6E and Wifi 6?

Wifi 6E can be considered as an extended variant of Wifi 6, in other words the e can be read as “extended” or “enhanced”.

The biggest difference is that Wifi 6E provides support for the 6 gigahertz band, in other words we are no longer limited to 2.4 or 5 gigahertz. By using the new belt, the risk of disturbances and bottlenecks is less, as the traffic is not as extensive there.

Wifi 6E
Wifi 6E

Over time, of course, the traffic on the 6 gigahertz band will increase, but it will probably take many years before it becomes almost as full as on the other two bands.

3. Is Wifi 6E faster than Wifi 6?

The maximum speed for both Wifi 6 and Wifi 6E is 9,608 megabits per second, ie 9.6 gigabits per second.

In practice, it is difficult to get up to such high speeds at present, but as there are fewer bottlenecks on the 6 gigahertz band, it is quite possible to approach the maximum speed with the new standard.

Xiaomi Mi 11
Photo: XiaomiXiaomi Mi 11

According to independent tests, Wifi 6E is up to 25 percent faster than Wifi 6 in daily use, but of course it requires optimal conditions in terms of both equipment and environment.

4. What other benefits does Wifi 6E offer?

In addition to faster and more stable connection, there are several other benefits of Wifi 6E. In particular, security has been further improved, not least through support for the new WPA3 protocol, which is a successor to WPA2. This will hopefully make it much more difficult for hackers to infiltrate your network.

Linksys AXE8400
Photo: LinksysLinksys AXE8400

Another nice detail is that the circuits for Wifi 6E are less energy-consuming than their predecessors, which means that we can count on slightly longer battery life in new models of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

5. What is required to use Wifi 6E?

To use Wifi 6E, you first need to buy a new router that supports the new standard. In addition, your computer, tablet or mobile phone also needs support for the technology. So you do not get higher surfing speed on your old stuff just because you have acquired a new router with support for Wifi 6E.

Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500
Photo: NetgearNetgear Nighthawk RAXE500

Once you have acquired a router with support for Wifi 6E, you should also make sure to update the software at regular intervals, this to ensure that you get maximum speed and the best security protection.

6. Which routers support Wifi 6E?

Honestly, there are not very many routers that support Wifi 6E at present, but expect a much larger range in the near future.

Two of the first routers that offer support for Wifi 6E are Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 and Linksys AXE8400, but expect that it may take some time before they are available in stores.

ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000
Photo: AsusAsus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000

If you like games, we can recommend Asus ROG Raptor GT-AXE11000, a router that offers some optimizations for players. Here there is a great risk of confusion with the predecessor Asus ROG Raptor GT-AX11000 which only supports Wifi 6, note that the new router has an extra E before the numbers.

7. Which mobile phones support Wifi 6E?

First out with support for Wifi 6E was Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra and then came Xiaomi Mi 11. In addition, it is clear that most mobile phones that use the system chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 will support the new standard.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Photo: SamsungSamsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

In all probability will also fall models of Iphone to get support for Wifi 6E and possibly also this year’s models of Ipad Pro.

8. Which computers and game consoles support Wifi 6E?

When it comes to laptops, MSI GE76 Raider first out with support for Wifi 6E, this thanks to the Intel AX210 card which is also on its way to other models.

Support for Wifi 6E is also available in Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, which should please everyone who has managed to get their hands on a new game console.

Playstation 5
Photo: SonySony Playstation 5

If you are unsure whether a certain gadget supports Wifi 6E or not, you can take a closer look at the technical specifications.