Will the Steam Deck have any exclusive games? Valve responds

The Steam Deck is a product in its own right. On the one hand, it presents itself as a portable console allowing you to play technically demanding games without having a large PC. On the other, it is a PC disguised as a console giving access to the huge catalog of Steam. Starting from the premise that the Steam Deck is a full-fledged portable console, it is possible to imagine that Valve would like to release titles available nowhere else on it to make it more desirable. But that obviously does not correspond to the way of considering things of the American giant.

Valve recently ruled on the possibility of its Steam Deck having exclusive games. The American giant has indeed addressed the subject on its Official FAQ for developers. According to the latest news, there is therefore no question of Steam Deck exclusives absent from the Steam catalog on PC. On its site, Gabe Newell’s company presents it as follows:

Question: Could any Steam Deck exclusive titles be of interest to Valve?

Answer: No, we think it doesn’t make sense. Steam Deck is a computer and should be able to launch any game, such as a computer.

Devil May Cry 5 Steam Deck
Steam Deck

What about the compatibility of the Steam Deck with the games?

Another topic that comes up regularly is that of the compatibility of the Steam Deck with games already released on Steam. If Valve talks about significant compatibility, it still places games in three categories: Verified, Playable and Incompatible.

The titles placed in the first category are those tested directly by Valve. About these tests, the official FAQ explains the process to developers:

As a general rule, your game should be verified by our team (either automatically or after your request). Various criteria relating to compatibility are then checked: among others, controller support, readability, performance or even compatibility with the operating system. Once done, your title is assigned to a Steam Deck Compatibility Category, which displays on the Steam Deck store and in the Library. Just go to the side-by-side tab to see the other titles in the store, regardless of their compatibility with Steam Deck.

Still a few months to wait

Having a game checked manually by Valve is therefore of obvious interest to developers. This can indeed simplify the choice of players by indirectly highlighting the titles officially verified on Steam Deck.

As a reminder, the first people who pre-ordered a Steam Deck will start receiving their console from next February. No availability date “normal“has not yet been mentioned.

What do you think of Valve’s policy towards its Steam Deck? If she had any exclusive games, would that make her more desirable to you? Do you plan to get a Steam Deck? Tell us all in the comments below.