Win strategy games with real war strategies

Many of us just throw ourselves straight into the games, no matter what Cyberpunk, Book of Dead or Total War. Same thing if you bite sometimes – it’s fun to just discover everything new and take the challenges as they come. And why not? Gambling is about escaping reality and having fun for a while. But it can get better.

Strategy games gain ground
Some types of games can be played in many different ways. They are not linear, and this is especially true of strategy games. There is rarely a single way to win here. Gambling almost presupposes that you create your own solutions on the road to victory. Here, the “playing field” is extra open for your own playing styles.

At the same time, it can sometimes (even often?) Feel as if something is missing in order to meet the toughest challenges. No matter how good you are at the game controls, it seems almost hopeless to have time to gather resources, build defenses and set the troops in motion before it is time for clashes. What is missing? Probably a sensible STRATEGY.

War without strategy – like cycling without a handlebar
Few would even think of going on a bike without a handlebar. But with computer games there is really no danger to life and limb – you throw yourself into the strategy game without strategy, and engage in trials and failures until the nerves run out. But that’s not how real war strategists work…

Play as you like. But with real strategies in mind, old strategy games can be like new. And those who have never really understood and liked strategy games can easily begin to see and understand the allure of these games. The most difficult levels of the games or higher ranked online players – how do you master them when smart control buttons and nimble fingers are not enough? Right. Strategy.

So what is strategy then?
So-called walkthroughs are available for many games. Someone is talking about how you can easily handle the games. It’s almost like following a cut path through the forest. Knowing strategy is like having a map and compass and being able to get around everywhere. Tools to win without cheating, in various strategy games.

A hard core when it comes to war strategies is Sun Tzu’s book The Art of War, which was originally written on bamboo sticks. It was written about 2,500 years ago. That its content is still valid today has been proven by the fact that both warlords, politicians and business strategists have obtained ideas to win their military and civilian battles from here. And it is not unlikely that the strategy games we adhere to today are actually based very much on the principles of martial arts – a manual for all war games.

Even though the book was written in a completely different time, the strategies have proven to be timeless, and as I said, they work in both war and civilian life. Several publishers sell the book, but it is also available as an app for mobile phones, and most of the content is also available online. The book covers 13 chapters to delve into:

1. Planning

2. Strid

3. Attack strategies


5. Power utilization

Fragility and solidity

7. Maneuvers

8. The nine circumstances

9. Marcher

10. Terrain

11. The nine territories

12. Fire attacks

13. Spying

There is a lot to read, but nothing prevents you from jumping between the sections and picking the raisins out of the cake. But, read (and understand) at least the entire first chapter, which points to the “constants” of war – the most important factors in determining a war. Good luck!