Windows 10 update to fix printer crashes

Update (2021-03-20)

A Windows 10 update released on March 9 has caused users’ computers to crash and get blue screen when trying to access certain printers from various programs. On March 15, Microsoft released an update to fix the crashes but is now reporting Bleeping Computer that another update has been released.

The latest update should instead fix another printer error that can cause the printers not to print properly but make errors regarding colors, formatting and layout or just print completely blank pages.

Microsoft urges users to install the update only if they are aware that this error is affecting them. However, for unclear reasons, many users will not be able to install the update through Windows Update, but will need to install it manually via Microsoft Update Catalog.

Update (2021-03-16):

The other day we reported that some printers can cause your PC to crash, something that has created a lot of frustration in some places.

Fortunately, Microsoft has now released a new update for Windows 10 that is intended to fix the problem.

If you want to install the bug fix (which has the designation KB5001566), go to Start menu and then to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update.

When the installation is complete, you should hopefully be able to reconnect a printer without the risk of crashes.

Previously (2021-03-12):

The latest Windows update (KB000802) released in March has caused issues and crashes for some users, reports Windows Latest.

Users report that their PC gets a blue screen and gives an error message when trying to open the printer from Notepad, Office, or other programs. Among the affected printers are brands such as Kyocera, Ricoh, Zebra and more.

The latest Windows 10 update is a security update that cannot be removed but is downloaded and installed automatically for all users. However, several reports have been received that Microsoft has now stopped the update in some cases.

The company has also confirmed that they are aware of the problem and are investigating the whole thing.

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