Windows 11 may be shown this summer – new video blocks rumors

Windows 10 is the latest Windows. That’s what Microsoft said back in 2015 and aimed at the company continuing to build on its operating system with regular, minor updates. This autumn, one of these updates, which has gone under the working name, is expected “Sun Valley”, but now there are signs that this may in fact be the case with Windows 11 later this year.

There is currently a lot of confusion about whether “Windows 11” and “Sun Valley” are different names for the same product or whether they are actually two very different updates / operating systems. Dedicated Windows news sites and blogs are at their best rotar in code on Microsoft websites and in Github projects to get wiser on the issue – but right now everything is very unclear.

There is a lot in a name, and yes – in fact in a single digit. We can start by looking at the picture on it event invitation Microsoft sent out a couple of weeks ago:

Windows 11

Yes, you probably only needed to look for a few seconds to discover that the reflection of the Windows logo is incorrect and instead forms the number 11. Furthermore, the event starts at 11 in the morning, at least if we go after US East Coast time like Microsoft by someone reason does.

Microsoft employees, such as area manager Yusuf Mehdi, have begun hypnotizing the event on Twitter. In a post, he writes that he has not been so excited about a new version of Windows since Windows 95. Hardly a frivolous “statement” and probably nothing that could be applied to a minor update of Windows 10, huh? Another well-known face, product manager Panos Panay, has previously hinted at “the next generation of Windows” during events.

June 10 saw even more signs. Microsoft published a kind pepp video on Youtube, consisting of audio remixes of classic Windows startups. Guess how long the video is? 11 minutes of course!

When will Windows 11 be released?

If Microsoft unveils its new operating system on June 24, it would not be unreasonable for us to see a sharp version later this fall, probably around September-November. But if it’s a brand new operating system, it’s getting harder to relate to Microsoft’s regular update cycles, so our guess may turn out to be out of the question.

What news does Windows 11 get?

If “Sun Valley” and Windows 11 turn out to be the same thing, it will first and foremost be a matter of major design changes. The interface – with all that icons, folders and menus mean – is expected to get a real refresh. In other respects, we have mainly seen less rumors about better battery check, more webcam functions and other things that might not define a new operating system. You can read more about the hottest “Sun Valley” rumors in this article!