Wish list: Here is the news we want to see in iOS 15

IOS 14 was in many ways an appreciated release with the biggest update of the home screen to date, with widgets, app libraries and improved interfaces that do not take up the entire screen for, for example, incoming phone calls.

Updates have continued to come during the year. Not least the major update IOS 14.5 which provided greatly extended privacy checks and smarter unlocking of phones with Face ID when the user wears a mouth guard.

We will see both IOS 14.6 and IOS 14.7 before IOS 14 hands over to IOS 15, but right now it is still high time to look ahead to IOS 15. By all accounts, we will see the IOS update in June, on this year’s edition of WWDC.

Here are seven features that we sincerely hope will appear in the next Iphone operating system.

Automatic profiles that adapt the phone during the day – and at night

It may sound a bit like something you find in a Sony Ericsson from 2006, but why not also in an Iphone in 2021? Rumors have it that profiles may appear in iOS 15 – and why not?

Profiles could be used to adapt the phone to the user’s needs, such as automatically turning on the sound outdoors or always muting the phone when the user is in a meeting.

With today’s technology-packed phones, user profiles could be even smarter than they were in that Sony Ericsson phone 15 years ago. The profiles could be changed automatically using the phone’s various sensors, such as switching on an outdoor mode when the phone’s position is elsewhere than at home.

Or automatically switch on the power saving mode when the phone has been idle in the same place for a long time, for example during the night when the user is sleeping.

We already have a taste of profiles with the new night mode in iOS 14, which dims the screen lighting and hides notifications when Bedtime is active.

Enable always-on on Iphone, Apple!

Apple Watch has an OLED screen and there is an always on screen. Iphone also has oled, but lacks an always on mode. With iOS 15, there is the chance to make an otherwise black, off screen significantly more useful, with information such as incoming notices, clock, weather and temperature.

Thanks to OLED technology, this does not have to be done at any major expense of battery power.

Widgets also on the lock screen

With iOS 14, we got widgets on the home screen. Now it’s time to take them to the lock screen as well. Notices have always been on the lock screen. It has also been possible for a long time to act on the notices, for example postponing a reminder without having to unlock the phone.

Why shouldn’t widgets also be available as a way to access important information, just by turning on the screen?

Interactive widgets

Widgets were a welcome addition to iOS 14, something that made the home screen less rigid than it has been ever since, in fact the launch of the Iphone, in 2007.

But today’s widgets are not so smart and can not do much. They can display information, but a click on them opens the app instead. With iOS 15, we hope that Apple introduces a way to make interactive widgets where we can, say, favorite song played in Spotify directly from the widget. And this without affecting the battery life.

Siri iOS 15

Smarter Siri – again

This is also a recurring item on the wish list. Every year, we want Siri to take a big step forward. Instead, it feels like the assistant is just crawling minimal steps diagonally to the side.

The big step for Siri never happens, it feels like, so this year we hope for some small steps forward that can still be significant. For example, let Siri work without an internet connection, at least for simpler commands that do not require more data from other sources. For a company that values ​​privacy so highly, it should be a matter of course.

Just as obvious should be that Siri can snooze or stop a timer.

More standard apps

This is a classic on wish lists like this, but now the ball is at least rolling. With iOS 14, it became possible to choose your own standard app as a browser or email app, so that links take you to your default app instead of Safari and Mail, respectively.

Now it’s time for Apple to accept that not all Iphone users in the world want to use Apple Music instead of Spotify. If we can choose standard apps for the email or the browser, we of course want to be able to do that for the music as well.

And why not also maps, messages and the camera app?

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Photo: Apple

Smarter stock app

An impressive stock market development and many who spend more time at home have made trading in stocks and mutual funds hotter than ever.

Apple should seize the opportunity and make a Stock app worthy of the 20s. Create an API so that Aktier can talk to other apps and download share prices directly from apps such as Avanza, Nordnet or Savr.

An automatically updated Aktie app smells more 2021, than an app where we have to manually add and remove prices as soon as we buy or sell from a company.