Withing’s new smartwatch with style

Withings has now released a new watch that also has style this time but this time in the style of diving watches.

ScanWatch Horizon is the name of the new watch from Withings which you can quite quickly see has a completely new style but which still combines smart features with a traditional watch.

ScanWatch Horizon will be able to measure heart rate, ECG, sleep and oxygen content in the blood. Training with ScanWatch Horizon may not be completely optimal, but it is possible and it can keep track of our training activities.

If you are craving ScanWatch Horizon, it will be offered in two different colors, blue and green. The bracelet should be easy to replace and it comes with both a steel bracelet but also one in rubber. According to Withings, the battery life should be 30 days, which is clearly approved, the glass that protects the watch is sapphire crystal.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon is available in a limited number in Sweden, the price tag is 500 euros.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Withings ScanWatch Horizon