Wobbledogs is a “fairly normal” dog simulator

Do you remember Nintendogs, the game that on its own put the portable Nintendo DS on the map when it went? The previous The Sims 4programmer Tom Astle remembers, possibly, when he now announced Wobbledogs, a “fairly normal” dog simulator that debuts early access via Steam in January.

Below you see the first teaser for Wobbledogs, where a dog sleeps, wakes up, goes to a tree, turns into a pumpkin, is hoisted up to the ceiling, whereupon another pumpkin hatches another dog. Pretty normal. The Steam description promises “a pet simulation in 3d” where you breed your personal kennel of mutated dogs, “physically simulated right down to their intestines”. Pretty normal, as I said, and obviously also relaxing?

Here is the first teaser for Wobbledogs.