Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is nearing release – here is the trailer and the new releases

When Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World released in the west, it will be in no less than three different editions. Three of these are limited editions, each with their own goodies in the package. Strictly Limited Games stands for the physical release, which is why all three editions are referred to as “Limited”.

Limited Edition

The basic edition contains the game, a printed manual and a reversible cover. The Switch version has a print of 3500 copies, while the PS4 print has 1700 copies. Both versions cost around SEK 400 Strictly Limited Games website.

Collector’s Edition

The collector’s edition contains the same manual and cover as the edition above + a lot more: double-sided poster, world map, art book, stickers, acrylic figure, soundtrack (original + remixed on two separate CDs), fridge magnet, stamp, shikishi * and a stress ball in shape by Peplogoo from the game. The switch gets 2500 of these; PlayStation 4 gets 1200.

* = shikishi is a Japanese term for a finer paper, usually intended for autographs. In collector’s editions like this, there is usually some form of character portrait.

Mega Collector’s Edition

Contains everything from the aforementioned collector’s edition + a pixel brooch, a vinyl sticker, registration card (!?), an 18-centimeter figure representing the game’s main characters, cover boxes in Mega Drive / Genesis stucco, and an even more porky box to house the entire conch. The Switch edition receives 999 copies; PlayStation 4 gets 499 pieces.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World: Mega Collector's Edition.

In addition to these releases, you can also put the rhubarb on a vinyl version of the game’s soundtrack laid on two picture discs. In other words, Hagalna has a field day ahead of it, if you have not already pre-ordered. At the time of writing, all items have half or more left for advance booking. The Switch’s Limited edition has at least about 48% stock left.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World: Picture Disc vinyl record.

Release date for Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is so far a non-specific quarter 2 this year. Until a date comes in print, we have to make do with the game’s new trailer (see header).