Worms Rumble: the classic becomes real time

Worms is a series that has always been synonymous with turn-based strategy. Although the series has taken the step into three dimensions and made the most deviations (like a puzzle game, to take an example), the most popular parts remain part of this genre. With Worms Rumble is now taking a step towards a completely new genre for the series: real-time strategy.

Worms Rumble will contain many of the weapons we have come to love over the years, but with the little crux that you are now playing in real time. The trailer above makes it more reminiscent of a 2D battle royale. Regardless, it looks hectic, and considering that the game markets itself with cross platform multiplayer for up to 32 players, it is probably a safe assumption that if anything, it will be hectic.

IN Worms Rumble you will also have the live type of content in the form of seasonal and community events. These will help you collect experience points and game currency that you can then use to buy weapons, equipment, accessories and other lull-lull. Unfortunately, market lingonberries are a little too transparent over this release. Succeed Team17 just get a stable core to build on, it’s not entirely wrong with a little digital swag to continue playing, but it would be really sad if said weapon classic is locked behind a high wall of progress.

Worms Rumble: xX1337h4xx0rXx comes to mutilate your wormhole.
Thanks, I hate it.

A release date for Worms Rumble is scheduled for this year, but we’ll have to wait for a date for a little while longer. In the meantime, it is clear that the game will also be released physically, and for distribution in the Nordic countries Wendros. The platforms are both current and outgoing generations PlayStation and Xbox as well as PC and Nintendo Switch. Two extra packages called All-Stars and Legends are also announced, each with a little extra cosmetic content. The physical release will include these in the package; digitally, they emerge as two separate DLC packages.