Wow, so many Apple rumors that were wrong!

Every time Apple has an event, we know at a glance what will be launched. If you have been following the rumor mill for weeks and months before the event, it’s like watching a movie you’ve already seen and you’re just waiting for your favorite scenes.

But that was not the case with “California Streaming”. The rumors were true many times, but they were also very wrong. For every correct guess, like the larger battery in the Iphone 13 and the larger screen in the Apple Watch, there was an equally big miss. Here’s what the rumors and leaks were wrong about:

Airpods did not show up

The biggest mistake may have been that new Airpods would be launched. It feels like the rumor of new Airpods has flourished before every event since the iPhone 11, but now almost everyone had agreed that they would be launched in connection with the iPhone 13. Which did not happen. Apple did not even mention Airpods by name.

Iphone 13 can not communicate with satellites

A rumor that popped up a few weeks ago from Ming-Chi Kuo and which gained traction after Mark Gurman confirmed it. Thus, everyone expected that the iPhone 13 would be able to communicate with satellites, which would enable calls and text messages when mobile coverage was lacking. But Gurman at least flagged that the feature will not appear until next year and then only work for emergency calls and not phone calls.

Iphone 13
The iPhone 13 has some new features, but satellite calling is not one of them.

Iphone 13 does not have an always-on screen

We’ve heard rumors of an always – on screen for several years and it seemed likely that the Iphone 13 was the model that would actually give us this. We’ve seen renderings, heard rumors, and listened to leaks from prominent analysts, including Gurman and Max Weinbach, but again, nothing was mentioned during the event. Who knows, it might come in Iphone 14?

Apple Watch did not get a flat design

Another seemingly solid reputation was a new design for the Apple Watch. A few months ago, Jon Prosser reported on a flatter design with sharper corners, to match the iPhone. A rumor that Gurman also agreed with. While series 7 got a larger screen, as predicted, the shape is still a square circle. It is thus renunciation on the flat.

The Apple Watch Series 7 does not have improved battery life

Apple has not yet released the technical specifications for the Apple Watch Series 7, but if they had, you would see this: battery life up to 18 hours. The rumors were consistent until the event: Apple Watch would get a bigger battery. But Apple instead talked about improved charging features – nothing about battery life.

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7 has faster charging but the same battery life.

The iPad Mini does not have a smart connector

The launch of the Ipad Mini was a surprise in itself and the rumor mill managed to predict most of the features of Apple’s new tablet. Except for a. According to a report from Prosser, 9to5mac predicted that the iPad Mini would get “a magnetic smart connector, similar to the one in the iPad Air and Pro”, but this did not happen. Apple instead released a new smart bag in a few colors, but the only thing that attaches magnetically is the second generation Apple Pencil.

Apple Watch does not have a new processor

A big rumor about the new Apple Watch was that the processor would be faster and smaller, with a manufacturing process that would free up space for a larger battery and other health components. Apple did not even mention the processor during the event, nor is it mentioned on the Apple Watch 7 side, which is because it has the same S6 chip as the Series 6.

Iphone 13
There are new colors for everything – just not the ones we expected.

The color prediction was completely wrong

New colors were a big part of California Streaming, but what we expected was that the iPad Mini would match the colors of the iPad Air. Which was not true at all. This year’s color is “starlight”, which is either white or very pale gold color, depending on what you think. The other colors were also wrong: the Pro has a new Sierra blue color, 13 gets a new shade of blue and the iPad mini is now available in purple, while the Apple Watch got an olive green shade, which no one had predicted.

The iPad Mini received a price increase

With a few exceptions, the rumors about the Ipad Mini were true. New screen design, usb-c and Apple Pencil 2 support. But what no one expected was a 25 percent price increase. Mini now costs from SEK 5,995. As much as SEK 1,000 more than the previous model.

Original article by Michael Simon
Edited and edited by Petter Ahrnstedt