Xbox All Access – everything you need to know before purchasing

Advance bookings for Microsoft’s upcoming consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has now opened. With this, Xbox All Access is also introduced in Sweden, a subscription form that gives you one of the consoles and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a fixed monthly cost. The subscription itself extends over 24 months and you of course keep the console afterwards, just like with today’s mobile subscription.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the membership included with Xbox All Access, gives you the following:

  • Xbox Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC (usually two separate services). Game Pass is Microsoft’s Netflix-like service with hundreds of downloadable titles. All games from Xbox Game Studios are here from day one and the service also offers a large selection of third-party games.
  • Cloud streaming of Game Pass games. The service previously went under the project name Xcloud but is now part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. At this time, you can only stream the titles to mobiles and tablets running Android.
  • Xbox Live Gold to play multiplayer games online.
  • EA Play. Electronic Arts own Game Pass-like service with games like Fifa, NHL, Need For Speed ​​etc.

Currently, only the electronics chain Elgiganten sells Xbox All Access. The buyer must also go to a physical store and thus can not place the order from home. For a subscription that includes the technically beefier Xbox Series X, you get to give SEK 370 per month for two years.

If you choose the cheaper Xbox Series S, the cost of the console and All Access subscription will be SEK 284 per month for two years. If you already pay for an Xbox Live or Xbox Game Pass membership through your Microsoft account, this will be converted to Game Pass Ultimate immediately upon activation.

Cash or subscription?

The recommended prices for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are currently SEK 5,695 and SEK 3,595, respectively. This only applies to consoles without Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass or any of the other available services.

A quick calculation of the total price you have to pay for Xbox All Access (which therefore includes an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S) gives the following:

  • SEK 8,880 for the All Access subscription and an Xbox Series X. This includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and everything that is included in that membership. If you choose to buy everything in cash instead, including Game Pass Ultimate for two years, the total amount will be SEK 8,935 (SEK 5,595 for console and SEK 3,240 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate).
  • SEK 6,816 for All Access, including an Xbox Series S and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you want to buy this in cash and without a subscription, the total price will be SEK 6,835 (SEK 3,595 for console and SEK 3,240 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 24 months.

Of course, there are other factors to consider before deciding to purchase. Will you use all the inclusive services for two years? A regular Xbox Game Pass membership for either Xbox or PC costs SEK 99 per month, but then access to streaming of games via the cloud is not included. Do you never play online? Then the included Xbox Live Gold may not matter for your particular calculations.

The article is updated when we have more information.