Xbox becomes the official gaming partner of the French Football Federation

Today we are excited to announce a brand new partnership between Xbox and the French Football Federation, bringing Xbox the official gaming partner of the French national football teams for men and women. At Xbox, our mission is to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet. Billions of people around the world connect with each other through video games, just like through football. This partnership will bring to life our core message – Power Your Dreams – which not only celebrates the values ​​of diversity and inclusion shared by Xbox and the FFF, but also sparks the imagination when two world-class teams come together, empowering football fans, associations, amateur clubs, women’s football and gaming enthusiasts.

For more than a century, the French Football Federation has been guiding and developing the practice of the most popular French sport by amateurs and at a high level. The French Football Federation is home to the reigning Men’s World Cup champions and the No. 4 women’s team. respect their differences.

François Vasseur, FFF’s Director of Marketing and Economic Development, said: “We are delighted to partner with Xbox. Xbox is a world-renowned and innovative brand that shares fundamental values ​​with the FFF, such as diversity and inclusion, as well as gaming and accessibility. of it for everyone. The brand’s dedication to amateur football in particular and to the French national teams together promises great stories.”

It’s an incredibly proud moment for everyone at Xbox, in addition to the millions of fans of the French team, especially with huge worldwide tournaments taking place this year. We are ready to bring all our collective creativity together.

In-line image of the French Football Federation

As part of this partnership, Xbox will bring creative and unique experiences to life for football fans and video game enthusiasts alike, including:

Xbox FC: a boost for amateur football

As part of this partnership between Xbox and the FFF, we are introducing the Xbox FC Initiative, a program that aims to strengthen the FFF’s support for amateur football. The program aims to fulfill the dreams of young amateur footballers by providing them with brand new training facilities and equipment. Selected clubs will benefit from refurbished locker rooms, a dedicated play area and new Xbox and FFF equipment. Xbox and the FFF are committed to ensuring that these new facilities are maintained and that these clubs benefit from additional initiatives over time.

To drive this program, we partner with: Sakina Karchaoui, member of the France women’s national team. Originally from Miramas, near Marseille, she took her first steps in football with the local club Montpellier HSC before playing for Olympique Lyonnais. Sakina now plays left back for powerhouse Paris Saint-Germain. She is committed to more resources and better conditions for amateur football.

Xbox Day: a day dedicated to inclusion and diversity

To celebrate the two passions of football and video games, Xbox joins the FFF, Kadidiatou Diani and Domingoin Clairefontaine on May 21, for Xbox Day.

As a member of the French women’s national team, Kadidiatou discovered football at ES Vitry at a young age. Later she joined the Juvisy club and the French women’s football pole. Today she plays as a striker for Paris Saint-Germain. Committed to the community, she joined the NGO Plan International France in 2020 as a new ambassador to champion sport as a lever for girls’ education and empowerment. Kadidiatou Diani will be the ambassador of Xbox Day.

A well-known figure in the French video game industry, Pierre-Alexis Bizot, better known as Domingo, is a French host and streamer. Since 2019, he hosted his own talk show on Twitch called “Popcorn”. Passionate about sports, both behind the screen and in life, he has organized sports events such as The escapea virtual cycling race, and took part in the 2021 Paris Marathon.

During Xbox Day, the following activities will be:

  • An exclusive tour of Clairefontaine, the cradle of French football
  • A unisex football tournament
  • The final of the eCup FFF
  • Learning about Cécifoot (a soccer game designed for the visually impaired)
  • Inclusive workshops led by experts that teach participants how to play with good gaming habits.

You can follow these activities live on the social networks of Xbox France and the French Football Federation.