Xbox continues to celebrate 20 years with new hand controls

That Xbox turns 20 should definitely be celebrated and Microsoft does this in a few different ways, including with hand control and headset.

First we got to see a pair of sneakers that were limited edition for the Xbox turning 20 and it was far from impressive.

But you want to continue to celebrate the Xbox and this time it is with a controller for the Xbox with a unique design that is clearly better than sneakers. This controller is the one for Xbox Series X | S so you get the latest hardware. In addition to a handset with a unique design, the Xbox Stereo Headset will also have a similar design.

According to Microsoft themselves, the design of the controller and headset should be inspired by Xbox Debug Kit stuck with another green.

For some reason, its Microsoft seems to sell this controller in Sweden, but the headset comes and goes sold on November 15 for SEK 749.

Xbox 20 years headset