‘Xbox Father’ Responds to Sexist Abuse Video

Anyone who has activated the microphones of their partners or opponents during an online game at least once has certainly received insults. And sadly, derogatory remarks and other insults seem to be even more frequent and numerous when the recipient is a woman. A video of a female player being annoyed during a game recently went viral. So viral, that it made one of the creators of the Xbox react publicly.

Seamus Blackley, who is frequently referred to as “the father of the Xbox,” recently spoke about a video showing sexist abuse during the game. Halo Infinite. It all started when an Australian streamer answering the pseudonym “Grenade Queen“shared a clip from one of his parts of Halo Infinite.

During this game, his performance was clearly not up to what his teammates expected. And they used those statistics to cover “Grenade Queen” with sexist remarks. In addition to inviting him to leave or “go play Fortnite, “the streamer’s teammates also advise her to”showing off her tits on Twitch. “

To justify the need for her to leave the game, one of the chat participants points out to her that “Master Chief has never been a woman. According to “Grenade Queen,” these absolutely distressing remarks are just a part of what she was entitled to. Unsurprisingly, these remarks and other insults caused a strong reaction on social networks.

Sexist abuse makes “Xbox father

And among the people who commented on this sad spectacle was Seamus Blackley. The “Xbox Father” quoted the video for “Grenade Queen” and attached his opinion:

This is not the future we envisioned for Xbox Live. The gaming community should, with the help of Microsoft, point out and stop (this type of behavior). Making a difference is going to require gamers, developers and console builders to work as a team. And it is time for it to happen. It should even already be done. I know this situation is not new.

I know you are angry because nothing has been done for a long time. And you’re right. It only motivates me more. It is possible to clean in these environments. Let’s do it.

Halo Infinite, one example among many

Obviously, such behavior is not only present on Xbox Live and Halo Infinite. The problems of harassment, sexism or racism are omnipresent in online games. And despite the measures taken by the various video game players, the situation persists.

Xbox live

Note that after posting this tweet, Seamus Blackley is not done with this affair. He took the time to respond to tweets attacking the victim or defending the culprits. Seamus Blackley seems motivated. It will therefore be interesting to see how far he goes to try to improve the situation.

What do you think of this affair? What can be done to end gender-based abuse, as well as other types of abuse in online games? Can the “father of the Xbox” help make a difference in your opinion? Give us your opinion in the comments below.