Xbox Game Pass Members Discover the Joys of ‘Lost In Random’

The most recent game added to Xbox Game Pass is EA Randomly lostwhich arrived on the Ultimate service last Thursday as part of EA Play, and as expected, seems to be doing very well with XGP members.

Lost in Random is developed by indie studio Zoink and you embark on a journey with Even and her companion Dicey to play the odds and break Random’s curse. Here’s what some Xbox fans are saying about it so far:

“I played it a while ago, it’s like Alice: Madness Returns in the world of Nightmare Before Christmas. I loved it.”

“I wasn’t expecting much from this game, it wouldn’t have created much buzz. But I played for a few hours today and I have to say, it’s a great Game Pass addition. It has that crazy English fantasy feel, complete with fickle narration , and a bizarre world full of strange characters.

It has a touch of Fable… or even The Phantom Tollbooth for those who have seen it. The dice/card combat system is…unusual…but entertaining. This is definitely a niche game, but I’m really glad it exists.”

Lost In Random is such a good game and I have literally never seen anyone talk about it. This is why Xbox Game Pass is great, I would never have bought the game and it’s actually one of the best games I’ve played in a while.”

We also have very positive things to say about Lost in Random here at Pure Xbox, giving it an “amazing” 8/10 rating in our review from last year, stating that it was “an underrated gem that has unfortunately slipped sight.”

It still won’t be to everyone’s taste (we’ve seen criticism from Xbox fans of it too), but Lost in Random is certainly a welcome addition to Xbox Game Pass in general, and it’s nice to see it’s a get a wider audience.

How do you like Lost in Random so far? Let us know in the poll and comments below.