Xbox turns 20! – Varvat

Today is exactly twenty years since the Xbox was released for sale in the United States. It was Microsoft’s big investment to enter the console market. The company had big plans for its black, crossed box. Among other things, the online function Xbox Live would make it possible to take gaming via the Internet, a then fairly new function. But it was the games that attracted and the nice graphics that beat their competitors by horse lengths.

I myself remember how the console landed in the family home in the late spring of 2002 in connection with the Swedish premiere. Halo: Combat Evolved became the obvious choice as a first game. Days, weeks and months were devoted to Master Chiefs fight against the covenants in the ring world Halo. The graphics were outstanding and so was the atmosphere. The multiplayer matches took turns once the solo campaign was over. It really felt in my hands to hold the huge hand control that justified its size. Even today, The Duke is the largest hand control I have ever encountered in gaming.

We at the editorial office announce a big congratulations and wish you another twenty new years for Xbox. Microsoft will pay attention to the celebration all day so keep an eye on the official one The Xbox website for more information.